2-4-15 May have contacted a few sharks. Some emails were not correct. I'm trying.
Shark Tank Application Submitted

Keep this linke:
My name is Ray Redican jr. I am the registrant of (CIS). Last time I checked this domain was getting unique hosts every minute of every day coming here looking for products and information. Around the time that I beat Benetton / Rollerblade USA over in Geneva Switzerland at the United Nations we were getting close to 2,000 sign ups every day and we had another 3 million registered users.

My skill set is not good enough to keep up with how a website should be developed in 2015.

I need to make this web site a cash generating money making machine like it use to be. Back in 1997 when I got the site I was spending over $6,000 per month taking out Insertion Orders with AOL MSN YAHOO (google didn't exist). Legal fees for this domain have been in the neighborhood of $30,000. In the above referenced case at the UN it was ruled that rollerblading is the generic use of an athletic activity rampently recognized by 3rd parties throughout the world ("not an infringement of the company that sounds like a tool used to cut pizza") Cory Witt at AOL my account manager gave me a deal valued at $1,000,000 (one million) per month during the AOL Time Warner merger. I got what was called Search2000 similar to anchor store placement where they would pay $1 million usd per month. The website generated a lot of money but we burnt through it and there was nobody i could turn to for development. After winning that case I was involved in another case where I was sued by a Nation which took a lot of my time winning 5 out of 7 charges with the other two still on appeal

This web site needs to be built so that advertisers can advertise; humans can sell products and receive information. THIS IS A NO BRAINER.

Plus I wouldn't mind getting my domain back. See people who rollerblade also participate in other sports so once the site is back up and running the way it needs to be then we can gather data on subsets of customers with other sports interests and then upsell in those categories.

The Shark Tank is confusing sometimes in that sometimes i think they want you to be able to expand and not get away from core competencies on the other hand sometimes i watch the show and they are like well if you could add this or do that or introduce other products then we would invest. This use to be called Vertical versus Horizontal. (CIS) is vertically focused on the rollerblading market while appreciating that our members enjoy other sports therefore through the use of (CIS) increases our breadth and depth in different markets. Either way needs to be developed.

while im editing this file Im torn between telling you that i have other domains or keeping it quiet. Im going to just tell you right now here is what i am the outright registrant of - Dracut, MA; (Tyngsboro, MA) these are geodomains. I thought it would be cool to own my community to advertise my rollerblades for sale and sell real estate (i have sold real estate online and skates); - As people search for cigarettes and weed related information or for people into speed boats (cigarettes) these may become worth something. I had to register them to stay ahead of the market or at least be involved.

I AM DIEING AND NEED TO MAKE SURE THIS CONTINUES PAST ME Ray Redican forcal atoutlook dotcom 718-290-5689
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My name is Ray Redican jr. I would like to appear on your Shark Tank show.

Thank you for your time.
Ray Redican Jr. (CIS) 718-290-5689
Commonwealth Internet Services (CIS)
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Domain Appraisal Redican gained international fame in August 2000 when Bennetton, the former parent company of RollerbladeUSA, sued him for trademark infringement over Redican's ownership of In that case, adjudicated by World Intellectual Property Rights Organization lead judge Mark Partridge, Redican won the right to retain ownership of the domain, with Partridge ruling that "rollerblading" was no longer a trademark-protected word because it had lapsed into the public domain, having become a commonly used synonym for inline skating.
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United Nations Case where I beat Benetton/Rollerblade retaining my domain Registrant
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Text "ROLL" to 718-290-5689 rollerblades inline skates for sale separates bearings RollerBlading com RollerBlading .com (CIS) Txt2Join 718-290-5689 All Prices All Products All The Time Get Sponsored text roll to 718-290-5689 to join now. (CIS) Txt2Join 718-290-5689 All Prices All Products All The Time Get Sponsored now

Re: Seeking Investors

Executive Summary Needs to set up a new web site where members are accountable verified & registered. For example: you go to BETA / sign up including your cell phone number, are texted a confirmation text that you reply yes to and are charged on your cell phone bill. New members are texted back a user name and password. Get sponsored here link where members sign up to have their own pages on you can sell products get a cut and are paid and given promtional materials and sponsorship money from vendors.

CONSOLIDATION OF THE INDUSTRY WITH THIS SITE. Most important thing is installing the ability to charge members a reacurring bill and one time charges by texting a short code premium messaging service number. Similar to on the donation side and and on the business side. (CIS) Last time we were live (late 90's early 00's) we had 2 million members.

I need a team of people that want to control the rollerblading inline skating market with this vertical, build a brand or partner with an established while knowing rollerbladers participate in other sports so have a horizontal portfolio to work with. Focus on ecommerce, affinity, 2nd life virtural reality, gaming, people that want to get sponsored or sponsor someone else, donations, green initiatives, government cooperation. It is what it is rollerblading 100% and people visit the site every minute of every day from all over the world. People will text message yes to be charged x amount of money.

Please See: I have taken out ads soliciting help "I just want to hook up with investors that can finance the growth of this underused asset and make money together." I spoke with Mike Powell of K2 Sports July 29, 2010 and they will come on board as an advertiser and supplier of product when we launch. I have so many ideas and everyone including you reading this think I have a good idea with the site. Had a couple million members the first time then my skills ceased with Microsoft FrontPage2000 and the site was not able to keep up with the way it needs to be developed. I have a team working on a proposal for the Short Code Premium Messaging service business model but they are taking a long time. I need to be incubated. Please help me or tell me that you are 100% not interested in helping me.

This is not a case of build it and they will come. It needs to be built because people are accessing the site every minute of everyday all over the world and its not online. (CIS) Text2Join Get Sponsored Etc 718-290-5689 Text, Voicemail, page 24hrs i lost my log in and user name email phone number associated with this account

RollerBlading .com (CIS) Txt2Join 718-290-5689 que todo tasa todos los productos todo el tiempo consigue el rodillo patrocinado del texto a 718-290-5689 ahora para ensamblar. (CIS) Txt2Join 718-290-5689 que todo tasa todos los productos todo el tiempo consigue ahora patrocinado Re: que busca a inversionistas Documento de síntesis necesita fijar un nuevo Web site donde están & los miembros verificado responsable; colocado. Por ejemplo: usted va a /http BETA: // firman para arriba incluyendo su número del teléfono celular, texted un texto de la confirmación que usted conteste sí a y se cargan en su cuenta del teléfono celular. Los nuevos miembros texted detrás un nombre y una contraseña de usuario. Consiga patrocinado aquí ligan donde los miembros firman para arriba para tener sus propias páginas en que usted puede vender productos consigue un corte y es materiales del promtional y dinero pagados y dados del patrocinio de vendedores. CONSOLIDACIÓN DE LA INDUSTRIA CON ESTE SITIO. La mayoría de la cosa importante está instalando la capacidad de cargar a miembros una cuenta reacurring y una vez carga texting un número superior del servicio de mensajería del código corto. Similar a en el lado y de la donación y a en el lado del negocio. (CIS) vez última éramos vivos (último 90' s 00' temprano; s) teníamos 2 millones de miembros. Necesito a un equipo de gente que quiera controlar rollerblading el mercado en línea patinador con esta vertical, construyo una marca de fábrica o a un socio con establecido mientras que sabe rollerbladers participo en otros deportes así que tengo una lista horizontal a trabajar con. Céntrese en el comercio electrónico, afinidad, realidad virtural de la 2da vida, juego, la gente que quiere conseguir patrocinada o patrocinar algún otro, donaciones, iniciativas verdes, cooperación del gobierno. Es lo que rollerblading 100% y la gente visita el sitio cada minuto de diario de por todo el mundo. La gente mensaje de texto será sí cantidad cargada de x de dinero. Vea por favor: I ha sacado los anuncios que solicitaban ayuda " Apenas quiero enganchar para arriba con los inversionistas que pueden financiar el crecimiento de este activo infrautilizado y hacer el dinero together." Hablé con Mike Powell K2 de los deportes el 29 de julio de 2010 y vendrán a bordo como un publicista y un surtidor del producto cuando lanzamos. Tengo así que muchas ideas y cada una incluyendo usted que lee esto para pensar me tengo una buena idea con el sitio de Tenía un par millón de miembros la primera vez entonces mis habilidades cesadas con Microsoft FrontPage2000 y el sitio no podía continuar con la manera que necesita ser desarrollado. Tengo un equipo el trabajar en una oferta para el modelo superior de la empresa de servicios de la mensajería del código corto pero están tardando un tiempo largo. Necesito ser incubado. Ayúdeme por favor o dígame que usted es 100% no interesado en la ayuda de mí. Éste no es un caso de la estructura él y vendrán. Necesita ser construido porque la gente está teniendo acceso al sitio cada minuto de diario por todo el mundo y de su no en línea. (CIS) Text2Join consigue el texto patrocinado del etc 718-290-5689, buzón de voz, página 24hrs i lost my log in and user name email phone number associated with this account Remita sus ideas y suggesstions. Palabras claves: el rollerblading, rolerblading, partes altas, patines baratos, extremo bajo, mediados de, Forward your ideas and suggesstions.

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SEPARATELY THANK YOU for your investments.